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“At Workmint recruiters exchange competence”

Workmint is a new groundbreaking service. It’s a collective CV database for recruiters and gather up competences from recruitment processes.

Boontariga Pipatanangura and Daniel Kaplan started Workmint 2008 with the ambition to change the recruitment business that is known for its conservatism.
The team has long experience from recruitment, sales and marketplaces.
Workmint open new doors for companies in the business to make money on work that is already done.

Workmints service is comparable with how estate agents in Holland and France work. If they don’t find the right object for their client, they use the collective database for estate agents. When objects are sold the profit is shared between involved parts.

Workmints method are the same, but here are recruiters using candidates from a collective CV-database. We help candidates into exclusive processes, at the same time we rationalize the recruiters work and give opportunity to make more money.

From a candidates point of view, Workmint increase the chances finding the dreamjob. You don’t need to register at several jobsites, one registration makes you available for a large number of recruiters.

“Our goal is to change the business, join us!”

Historically has recruiters helped each other finding contacts and clients. Workmint give them a platform for it. Candidates are a consumer product, and we help recruiters and candidates to get maximum benefit from their membership in Workmint. Registrate for free, and we let you now how Workmint can help you.

Best regards
Boontariga, founder and CEO Workmint

Workmint CandidateFind your dream job!

For private persons who want to take the next careestep. Upload your CV and become accessible for a wide range of recruiters and staffing companies. Creating an account is free and easy – use information from your LinkedIn account.

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Workmint Recruit For recruiters

Workmint make it easy for you as a recruitment-, headhunting or search company to find new candidates. We make it possible to make new money from work that has already been done. Spend less time finding people and more on consulting them.

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Workmint Demand For employers

We help you find right provider within recruitment and human resources, that match your budget. We give support through whole recruitment process, or part of it. We can help you with selection of candidates and find cost-effective solutions with extra staff hired.

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