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Privacy Policy

What personal data is processed when registering with Workmint?

Workmint saves and processes the personal information contained in the information provided when registering a CV, e.g. name, birth date, email address, mailing address, phone number.

How can personal data be processed?

Certain processing of the personal data is necessary for Workmint to be able to provide the services that registered candidates require. Personal data can therefore be disclosed to third parties. By submitting personal data upon registration the person registering consents to the processing of information. Registered individuals can update their personal data at any time.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us at info@workmint.com.

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For private persons who want to take the next careestep. Upload your CV and become accessible for a wide range of recruiters and staffing companies. Creating an account is free and easy – use information from your LinkedIn account.

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Workmint make it easy for you as a recruitment-, headhunting or search company to find new candidates. We make it possible to make new money from work that has already been done. Spend less time finding people and more on consulting them.

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