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Workmint technical information

Place your candidates in the Workmint database and increase your revenues!

Workmint provides several methods for you to transfer existing and refer future candidates into your part of the Workmint database, from a quick simple html link to the full API solution which can handle candidate and CV information. You may use whichever method best suits you and your candidates in every situation. The more information your candidates provide about themselves the more attractive they will become for recruiters.

These are the methods we provide for you to transfer and refer candidates into Workmint:

Signup link
This is a regular html link leading to a customized registration form hosted on Workmint.com

Quick iframe
This is a quick form for registering candidates with the bare minimum of information required. The form is easily integrated into you web site. The size of the quick iframe is 340x370px (WxH)

Advanced iframe
This is a form for registering candidates along with their latest work experience and education. The form is easily integrated into you web site. The standard size of the advanced iframe is 738x500px (WxH) and it can be customized to fit your page layout if necessary.

The XML API is our most advanced method for transferring candidates into your Workmint database. The XML API provides web services that supports add/check/update/delete of candidates, their CV and any attachment.

Whats next?
Please contact us at info@workmint.com for advice in which of the above solutions to implement on your end, we will also be able to supply you with documentation, sample code, and test accounts.

Workmint CandidateFind your dream job!

For private persons who want to take the next careestep. Upload your CV and become accessible for a wide range of recruiters and staffing companies. Creating an account is free and easy – use information from your LinkedIn account.

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Workmint Recruit For recruiters

Workmint make it easy for you as a recruitment-, headhunting or search company to find new candidates. We make it possible to make new money from work that has already been done. Spend less time finding people and more on consulting them.

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Workmint Demand For employers

We help you find right provider within recruitment and human resources, that match your budget. We give support through whole recruitment process, or part of it. We can help you with selection of candidates and find cost-effective solutions with extra staff hired.

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